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He, I’m Shristi!
I’ve started jeteverything.com to share my food blogging journey and to help all the beautiful people with delightful recipes to make their cooking journey more manageable and . All of my content is free for everyone. That means you don’t have to pay even a single penny to me for reading my posts.

However, I’ll be doing affiliate programs to make some sort of money. I must be honest that I’m starting my blogs and affiliate marketing from this very day. I’ll be promoting affiliate programs/services on my blog. But I promote only those products/services that I am using or have used. Some of them would be from the category that I haven’t used but I promise it would be properly investigated.

My Mission

Well to be very honest to you all, I’ve started this blog just because of my obsession in cooking and my habit of trying out new recipes every now and then. I’m neither a chef nor a professional at cooking with any authority, but I’ve a huge interest in trying out something new. 

Now, it must be in your mind that if I’m neither a chef nor a professional then why you should listen to me? But if we focus on practicality our mummas( mummas also include all the magical hands out there in the world who turn up the raw food into those mouthwatering feasts) are none of the professionals but no one even matches the taste which comes up from their recipes. 

Everyone out here if being honest must have learned the basics of cooking and say atleast 50% of the recipes from their grandmothers and mothers.

This blog is gonna be more of a family and here we gonna try all the unique, common, ancient, modern recipes. Whether it’s gonna be kathal ki sabji to sushi.

My Vision

For me cooking is not just about chopping vegetable and stir frying. I truly believe that the food cooked with love turns out to be magical.